O'Hare Terminal A to B- The Lights
and Music
21" X15"
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                21" X 15"  Watercolor on Paper
This is one of a set of 3 pictures from Chicago's main airport.  The first time I  
had to travel between these 2 terminals - in the late 1970's I think- and I went
down a very steep and long escalator.  I was amazed and thrilled by what
they had done: There were neon flowing lights, there was music, and it was
psychodelic like I'd never seen before. Years later I took a lot of pictures of it
along with the businesslike somewhat shutdown travelers, to show to size
of it. I proceeded to recreate the scenes in watercolor. Those who haven't
seen it don't understand it's majesty, so I display all three together now with
their respective digital photos so they can see how true it is to the actual
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