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Terri Berger Metz lives in Groveland, CA with
her husband Gary Metz. Born in Buffalo, NY;
graduating from Amherst Central High School,
class of '61. Terri and Drina barely knew each
other in high school, but another classmate
brought them together when he learned they
were both "out west”.  When Terri visited Drina,
she couldn't stop herself from gushing over
Drina's embellished fabric collages, the variety
of fabrics, textures, and added embellishments.
Terri marveled, as others have before (after
seeing Drina's work in person) that she had
never seen anything like it before. Terri
complained that because of digital cameras
almost everybody can see themselves as a
photographer, and lamented that her
compositions and skills were less appreciated.
Berger Metz's father was a photography
teacher, and she observed and listened while
he taught. She went with him on photo shoots in
her early years, carrying his cameras and
In 2013 they began to collaborate by combining
Drina's fabric collage and Terri's  photography.  
When looking at original
works by Drina and Terri from a distance,
originals resemble oil paintings. Getting closer
to inspect shows a photograph uniquely
embellished, mostly with fabric layers and paint,
bringing out  more contrast, unity and beauty as
never before.

Drina Fried lives in Las Vegas, NV with her
husband John Gruber. Born in Buffalo, NY;
graduating from Amherst Central High School,
class of '61. After Drina and Terri renewed
acquaintance in 2007, they constantly found
themselves admiring each others' artistic
endeavors. Drina loved Terri's beautiful
compositions, her use of forgotten history, scenery
often overlooked, and her use of
colors. Drina wished her compositions could be  
that unique, but she had neither the extensive
lenses and photographic equipment nor the
software and knowledge to create such
photographs to begin with. The fun for Drina was
in finding the best  fabrics to depict each scene
and in figuring out how to cut and  affix them well,
usually a heat set. Using paint, fabric pens and
other embellishment completes each picture.
Fried's father was a jewelry display
manufacturer, so she obtained much of the fine
fabrics that she uses to embellish her fabric
collages from him, and her colorful silk and other
scraps of fabrics from her sewing friends, store
remnants,  and material leftover from her own
days of sewing her own clothes.
By combining their work into original pieces,  
Fried says, “Owners of Terri and Drina art have
preserved pieces using the finest UV protected
fabric, acrylic, and giclee protection. Pieces may
be shown with or without glass, depending on
whether one is worried that viewers might not
stop themselves from touching it.

Drina Fried embellished fabric
collage before collaboration
Terri Berger Metz photography
before collaboration
Terri and Drina Squirrel  after collaboration
Terri Berger Metz Squirrel
photography before collaboration