Large (For my work, at least) Embellished Fabric Collages
Story behind Hampered Series of 3
The outside yellow represents the sunshine of life- the golden years. He's been around the
block several times; sometimes wanders around -sometimes backtracks -his hand is out
reaching others-sometimes he lays in a bed of flowers and life is so good and lots of fun;  
touching others- loving others; thinking only about himself to make himself good enough to be
good for others.  Only occasionally can faint shadows be seen in the background of the
different fabrics in his life.
 Then things begin to change.  He indulges more in processed food. It's the purple years; he's
wise now though- wiser than he's ever been.  Others turn to him as a star -- for help. When he
loses his way, he reorganizes, asks for help from the people who can help – and then? Star
quality energizes, emerges and he's on his way again – he hopes forever.  Slowly forces and
responsibilities begin to change him. Life starts to weigh him down as he doesn't make time to
take enough care of himself. Others continue to demand the same -and more -from him.
Sometimes there are dead ends. Some family and friends get lost. At times he feels invincible;
His feet bother him; he begins to waddle and his body thickens. He  surely struggles to keep
walking and  keeps going anyway, despite pain.   More and more he collapses; flounders and
Now (on left) we see him trapped- front and center in the orange box. Arms flail yet still reach
out. He can't move much anymore. He starts sinking- going down. There is still there's more to
his story,  but what?

Family and friends beg him to take a challenge. He's starts to be aware of miscombining
foods– he swims. His feet begin to allow him again to exercise. He walks long distances
without pain for the first time in a long time, and can even climb a ladder without fear of
toppling. His waist returns. His face regains its pinkness.   The purple years are restored. He
heals and his lady is happy again too. In short he becomes himself again (center picture).  His
heart sings and he's happy to live, love and help longer.

                                   The Eternal Vision- Heaven Too Soon
 Although no earthling has lived forever, WHEN the eternal voyage begins is important.
Who's to say that by choosing to rally and  take such as the pomegranate and greens route,
much can be gained by postponing the grave.   While he helped so many, he did too little to
help himself.  Here (on right) his body is taken to the grave and heaven too soon.

Drina Fried
cell:   (661)343-1639
Story About Hampered Series Of Three
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