Process of making Embellished Fabric Collages
The type of Mixed Media that Drina calls Embellished Fabric Collage slowly became
her favorite medium, after her first piece,
"The Sower, After Van Gogh", was
completed in 1999.   
Watercolors and digital photographs are sometimes preludes to the embellished
fabric collages. Fried's process is unique, and involves finding the right texture of
each piece of fabric for the underpicture. Some pieces have hundreds of tiny pieces
included. The light reflects off each piece of fabric differently than off plain paint.
The process is to choose and then lay out compositions using various fabrics (silk,
suede, cotton, etc.) on top of a traditional substrate of linen or canvas. First she
glue-backs the fabric with dry glue before cutting out and placing each piece
patiently onto the substrate. The process tends to make each piece as strong and
durable as oil or acrylic on canvas. Fabrics are first heat set and then UV protected
with a spray that binds to the fabric over a 48 hour period to make it almost
impervious to the effects of light or dust.  However, it is almost always shown under
glass to stop the inclination viewers had to run their fingers over the various textures.
While giclees (prints) of the fabric pieces can be purchased, each original is one of a
kind, not able to be duplicated.   Then traditional art takes over. It may be acrylic or
fabric paint, thread, crystals and/or any other embellishments with the goal being to
transform the vision into interiors, still lifes, florals, city, and landscapes. These
multiple embellishments then add shading and contrast to bring out perspective and
the detail needed to interprete the “canvas”.  Finding each piece of silk, velvet,
suede, even cotton is part of the task, not just opening up a tube of paint and buying
more when you run out. The art is similarly presented: framed, unglazed or behind
UV museum quality acrylic or glass. It is long lasting- as durable over time as other
painted media.  
"Twin Towerswas inspired after a call from her son from his apartment in Manhattan at the time of its bombing by the
Tranquility became the first in a series of 6 “interior landscapes”. "Flowers for My Valentine" a piece was
completed for her husband and was juried into the Madiera citrus show in California.

In the Bakersfield Californian, contributing art news columnist Camille Gavin wrote,
"....Fried designs her (fabric collage) pieces like a painting --deciding on the subject, size,and what she'll need to do
to show contrast and unity in a harmonious composition. In addition to fabric and depending on the design, she may
use fabric markers, acrylic paint, beads made of crystal and metal studs.  Instead of laying down paint, she finds
appropriate fabric to express her idea, cuts the various fabrics and uses steamed glue to affix the fabric to the
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