Embellished Fabric Collage
15" X 30"
*Detail of Aquarium
When installing any (real) aquarium, there are a number of important points to
consider.  The tank: What size? How to support it? Where to position it in the
room? Next, a good filtration system and preferably attractive lighting is needed.
Then comes the lifeblood of the aquarium: FISH-  perhaps a variety of fish; and
FLORA- probably not just one type of plant; perhaps special touches too. Will you
want the look of coral, starfish, rock formations, etc? Then comes the daily
feeding of your whole group....and maintaining the water's proper alkaline.   Do
you even want to hear about keeping up the nitrogen cycle in an aquarium?...
You'll want it clean too, so will you hire a service to do it regularly, or will you “do
it yourself”?     
 OR, what about ORDERING a maintenance-free lush silk, linen,
brocade, Embellished Fabric Collage? This is forever artwork-
to frame and put
over your mantle in your living room, or wherever you would've placed an
aquarium. The startup cost would be the only cost ever. Also over time, instead of
dead seaweed, malnutritioned fish, or a worn out filtration system, you will have
appreciating art in your home.  Embellished Fabric Collages - one of a kind
originals - are my specialty, and have been for the past 12 years.
I will design yours for you;
you can leave it up to me or specify a certain size, which fish, plants, look and
colors of your choice.  I have plenty of great fabric,  embellishments, and ideas to
make each piece unique, and I can also incorporate swatches of your own
memorabilia. For example, perhaps a piece of silk from your or your  father's old
favorite tie, or a swatch of your own or your grandmother's brocade dress or scarf.
The  "Aquarium" above, the enlarged details of the fish - which are silk
embellished with some fabric  paint; the fins on the fish are organza (you can see
through organza, revealing what is behind/underneath), and in this particular
composition there are even some tiny Indian mirrors (from jewelry, positioned on
the water floor, with the white silk “gravel”.  This original fabric collage is 20” X
30”  (Framed 26” X 38”).  While that’s a good sized aquarium,  larger or  smaller
sizes also would be beautiful.  Once your aquarium in planned and developed,
your satisfaction is guaranteed before you accept it for installation in your home
or a wall in your office.  For more details as to ordering and pricing to get your
original one-of-a-kind piece of art.............

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Fabric Collage
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There are 3  tiny Indian mirrors on the water's floor, which can be seen glistening as one
views the original. I call it my maintenance free aquarium. The fish appear to float
(organza is used in the fins, so as to see the background though it) and the silk greens
give a sense of undulating in the water.  This piece received 3rd prize  at the Vegas Art
Guild Show in 2009.
Juried into the Celebrate Life show- 2013 and winning
Honorable Mention in the Mixed Media category,  it was
on display at the Charleston arts Center in Las Vegas‎
NV until the end of July, 2013. Then, as one of the
winners of the competition, it was moved to Las Vegas
City Hall until mid Sept. 2013.