ART by Drina Fried
All images are copyrighted by Drina Fried.
Drina Fried was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. After receiving her doctorate in counseling
psychology and education from the Univ.Of the Pacific (UOP), she moved to central California and worked
in that field for 31 years. As do most artists when not otherwise working, she began as a hobbyist artist. As
such, she won many competitions and began being commissioned to make art for others. In 2005 she
became a professional artist, and in 2008 moved to Nevada with her husband.   Follow
this Link to learn
about this mixed media contemporary  niche: Embellished Fabric Collage.  Watermedia pieces are more
traditionally executed than her signature collages.
*Framed original piece at left  was stolen from the Canyon Ranch Spa
Artwalk between the Venetian and the Palazzo in Las Vegas.   If you ever
hear of or see this embellished fabric collage, I would VERY MUCH  
appreciate your calling (661)343-1639 with information leading to its
recovery. Reward and THANK YOU!

Citroen CVS
10" X15"
Link to a few of the Articles by
Drina Fried for the Art Guild
Universe Series of Four- click
below on name to see more details
Chamaeleon Complex,    
Pillars Of Creation,
Little Blue Ball,           
Eye of God
Please Don't Interrupt  
A quick read to or by youngsters
(16 page booklet.) Can be read to your child, or class. Drina's art and photos are
combined with unique text to tactfully socialize impatient young people. Less than a
5 minute read out-loud  for parents and teachers;  helps children learn to recognize
and curb their  interrupting.
$4.00 includes tax and shipping
To contact artist directly: (661)343-1639.
What is Embellished Fabric Collage?
Taylor Caldwell, author;  
September 7, 1900 – August 30, 1985)         

Booksigning circa 1967.  Author of 33 Bestselling novels from 1938-1980...
When books and reading were THE entertainment of the day. ( Taylor
Caldwell, Grandmother of three grandsons and one granddaughter, Drina

This biography of Taylor Caldwell  was taken with permission from the eNet
Press web site:

Click here to read Interview of Taylor Caldwell by George Ford Smith and the
Writer's Guild in 1978, the year before her stroke and subsequent health
She patiently makes Embellished Fabric Collages (click to view), many of which have
won awards,  for you to enjoy; She also paints using watermedia (click to view).; both
media offered in prints, gallery-wrapped, framed or unframed, and cards - at
Compendium website of the art and life of Drina Fried, Ed.D.  Thank you for visiting,  
please return in the future to view new artwork, and to read more.
WHO ELSE IS Drina Fried, Ed.D.?  
Formerly a dental hygienist, counseling therapist in private practice and school psychologist, the
granddaughter of 20th century best selling author
Taylor Caldwell(See below);  Drina is also currently a
three time
cancer survivor.
Museum quality prints, rolled, matted, or Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas or Acrylic Prints (framed or
unframed, and cards.... put together by Fine Art America at :
*If the piece you might like in print media is not offered there, will you please contact me and I will make sure to put it up ASAP for you to
see. Thank you.   Original art is almost always for  sale.
*Please Click HERE for 6 nightly Steps to Dental
Hygiene; and below for the audio version.
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Pattern of initial working with people by Drina Fried- to reduce or eliminate suicides and violence; offensiveless
defense with two safety rules
Offensiveless Defense with 2 rules
Link to Elements of Girls, a quilt made for Drina's 3 granddaughters, Mia, Olivia, and Elise.
Embellished Fabric Collage Giclee 30"
X 40"
$500. wrapped canvas ready to hang  
Image by Terri Metz and embellishment
by Drina Fried
2015 "Best of Show" - Renee's Park - diptych with the Las Vegas Art
Spring show   For Sale
Horseback View Of Vegas- 3rd prize mixed media-  Helldorado Show. Las
Vegas, NV
Embellished Fabric Collage  10" X 60"
For Sale
Working Out
Embellished Fabric Collage
23.5" X 29.5"framed
Original for Sale
Prints Available
Working Out Embellished Fabric Collage